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Dutton Bedroom Prairie Craftsman Desk Lamp

$544 $680

The Prairie Craftsman Mica Desk Lamp is hand made in the USA using choice selected quarter sawn white oak. The shade panels are genuine mica which gives a warm amber glow. The lamp uses 2 standard Edison bulbs and stands 20” tall and 18 3/4” L x 12”D at the shade.

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Dutton Bedroom Prairie Craftsman Desk Lamp

$544 $680
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Hand selected Quarter Sawn White oak is artfully cut one piece at a time, brought together and finished using an Danish oil recipe. Dutch Craftsman used the stain formula to build and waterproof sailing vessels in the 1800's.

materials and care

Quarter Sawn White oak has been used by craftsman for centuries because of its stability and resistance to warpage. Mica flakes come from a mined mineral and are pressed into sheets using Amber Shellac as a binder. The result is a beautiful earthy lamp that will give a nice warm glow to any room.

shipping and returns

 Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.